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Market closures and sunrise

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, markets here have been closed down. So my last planned market stall on 15 March was cancelled, and it looks like the next one on 19 April will be as well.

This has given me a bit more time to go out and take some photos, and I did another sunrise shoot on Saturday, this time at North Curl Curl ocean pool.

Poodle rock

The pool is situated on a rock shelf, just east of the surf life saving club.

North Curl Curl pool, dawn

I got there well before sunrise, and there was a thin crescent moon in the sky, above where the sun would appear. And yes, as the above photo shows, there is a large rock in the middle of the swimming pool.

Division of water

The pool is separated from the ocean by a concrete wall. The tide was approaching high for the day, and at this time occasional waves crash over the wall and into the pool. The above photo is a long exposure, and the dark patch in the pool on the left is a swimmer.

Heron breakfast time

A white-faced heron flew onto the rock shelf next to the pool, and as I watched it fished a small crab out of the water to eat. I wasn’t quick enough to a get a photo of it eating the crab.

Three worlds

A few minutes later the sun appeared on the horizon and climbed up into the sky. The sky goes from dark to light really quickly in Sydney, and as a photographer you have to adapt, changing exposure rapidly.

Dawn laps

Just a few minutes later I had the camera off the tripod and was taking hand-held shots of early morning swimmers in the pool.

Morning swim class

And not long after that about 50 kids arrived for some sort of swimming class. They all did a few laps of the pool and then ran off again, giving me a chance to get some interesting silhouettes against the rising sun.

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Laurelbank Market stall

My market stall at Laurelbank on 1 March went pretty well. Here’s the stall set up for the very first time:

Market stall, Laurelbank

The market organisers gave me a nice indoor area as you can see. On the dance floor of the function room! People started coming through a little before the official opening time of 9am, and built up through the morning, to a peak just before midday. I sold a lot of greeting cards and some large matted prints. The koala photo “Five More Minutes” was the most popular, followed by the “Elephant Brothers“.

I had a great time meeting customers and chatting about my photography. If I saw you there, hello!

My next market stall will be at East Lindfield, on Sunday 15 March. I hope to see you there!

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Market dates: March/April 2020

I will have a stall at That Great Market in Sydney, in March and April. Dates and locations are:

  • Sunday 1 March – Laurelbank, 85-87 Penshurst St, Willoughby.
  • Sunday 15 March – East Lindfield Community Hall, 9 Wellington Rd, East Lindfield.
  • Sunday 19 April – East Lindfield Community Hall, 9 Wellington Rd, East Lindfield.

There will be large mounted prints for sale, as well as smaller matted prints ready for framing. I hope to see you there!